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Dama is amazing, fantastic food, a friendly family running it, and delicious pastries for dessert with good vegan options. -John F., Arlington, VA

I loved this place, our meal of tibs was perfectly cooked and seasoned, we were savoring every bite. The servers are very attentive and our hostess was also a very elegant lady who made it a point to check on customers at every table, I will definitely be back soon! I must add, this is an awesome place to introduce newbies to Ethiopian cuisine! -Helene, New York, NY

I love their cakes. I love them so much. My favorite would have to be the Coffee Velvet cake. Imagine a soft sponge cake, with a coffee butter cream in between layers, and a vanilla (?) buttercream frosting. Eat it. You're welcome. -Lor B., Alexandria, VA

This is the best Ethiopian food I've had, and it is especially wonderful for vegans. The veggie combo is always incredibly flavorful. We don't usually like shiro but theirs is so good. The lentils and split peas are always amazing. The vegan tibs (Seitan sautéed with tomatoes onions and jalepenos in a seasoned oil) is just so insanely good and addictive. The Seitan doro wot is also awesome. The fact that they have a bunch of vegan "meat" dishes really makes them stand out. -Elizabeth B., Falls Church, VA